Guest Blogging Dos and Don’ts

May 25, 2013 in All, Content Marketing, Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is a great way for blog owners to get fresh content for their blogs, and for marketers to earn links for their websites. Guest blogging is becoming an increasingly popular link-building tactic after the Panda and Penguin updates caused other marketing techniques such as Exact Match Domains and article marketing, to become far less effective.

Tips for Effective Guest Blogging

For guest blogging to work, you must choose the blogs that you submit to carefully, and write high quality posts for each blog. If you come from abackground of directory submissions and article marketing then you might think that this sounds like a lot of effort, however a handful of good guest blogging posts are worth more than several hundred low quality blog network links.


Vary your anchor text

Repeating the same anchor text on every guest blogging post will give you an unnatural looking link profile. Even if the blog you are submitting to only allows links in the author bio, find a way to work different anchor texts into your bio. Read the rest of this entry →

How to Build Your Brand and Credibility on Twitter

May 15, 2013 in All, How to

Social media companies have rocketed consumers and merchants into the marketing equivalent of the space age. Just a few years ago, the “conducting” of business started with basic information. Ruth told Myra about a sale at Macy’s. Jeff heard an ad for a lawn care service on the radio. Vanessa saw a TV advertisement for Pizza Hut. What happened next, in most cases, was Myra, Jeff, and Vanessa acted on that information and made purchases that benefited themselves and the merchants whose content was delivered by one or more of these traditional methods.

Today, it’s still about information, but Myra, Jeff and Vanessa spend more time now on the internet for entertainment as well as information. Therefore, the more traditional outlets (word-of-mouth, newspaper, radio, and TV) have been augmented by the internet and various social media companies. Large and small businesses both need to exploit these new online methods as much as possible for brand building.

With this surge in online media, probably the biggest impact on corporate and small business marketing will be made by blogs, and micro-blogs, the most notable of which is Twitter. What exactly is a blog? A blog is any information you wish to publish, or post, on your website. There are no real guidelines for blogs, except they all start as web sites and then they somehow become interactive, and hopefully very popular, if commercial success is one of the goals of the blogger.

Blogs posts are also information-filled, written bursts about your company, products, brand, people, successes, philanthropic activities, educational whitepapers, research studies, etc.

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How Content Marketing Can Enhance Your Credibility

May 10, 2013 in All, Content Marketing

Content marketing may have a great influence on your business. Why? The focus of content marketing isn’t commercial sales,but the communication. This kind of marketing is used by companies to build their brand; it is the creation and distribution of publishing and media material to cement their customer base. How? Content marketing is designed to inform your customers of what your company is doing, and how important your company is for the customer.


How content marketing builds  a brand through social media?

Social media is all around us – our favorite blogs, Facebook, Twitter – any kind of social network that people use to advertise their products or services. What does that have to do with content marketing? Good content on the internet establishes your website as an authority. If you own a website on a simple topic like mixed martial arts, and the content of your website is true, well written, and generally easy to find, you can quickly become a frequented website. To market your services or product this way, to explain what they are and what good they are to the customer, it is more likely that the reader feels they’ve made an informed decision on whether to order.interact and share stuff is social media. 

This company honesty and all these explanations are worth it. In the past, companies used to develop leaflets and delivered them via mail or door to door. These days, social media marketing agencies go a step further by reaching people where they are – on line. You see websites with a lot of pages on one topic and they are all well written. Their advertisements greet you on your blog and Facebook and to visit the websites themselves, you can find links to their products and pros and cons of products before you buy them. Pair that with quality service from the company being marketed and you have yourself a brand that billions of people will recognize anywhere.

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7 Methods to Apply Visuals in Your Social Media Marketing

May 3, 2013 in All, Social Media Marketing, Social Media Marketing Tools

Social media companies, being relatively young, are evolving at an uncommonly fast rate. Gone are the days of just pure texts, companies such as Pinterest, Instagram and Vine are revolutionizing the platforms driving them more and more towards visuals. Viewers and users are now encouraged to share their messages visually through photos, images and the likes. This fosters much stronger customer engagement which is a top objective for social media marketing companies.

What this expressly means is that your business will do much more than just tell clients what you can benefit them with. Now you will be able to show the value you and your company offers them. Let’s have a look at seven methods through which you as a social media expert can apply visuals to your social media marketing and positively impact your viewers and potential clientele.

1. Adding text to photos.

By adding text to your photos, it makes the message you want them to convey easier to understand. You want to engage your customers, but that does not mean they should spend hours on your page trying to decipher what your photos are trying to say. By adding text, not only do you make them easier and faster to understand, but you heighten the chances of people sharing them thus giving them greater mileage online.

5 Social Media Monitoring Tools Greatly Contribute to the Growth of Your Business

April 25, 2013 in All, Social Media Marketing Tools

There is no doubt that today the social media is one of the key platforms on which business owners base their internet marketing strategy. Indeed, the social media is an excellent tool which has an unlimited potential to boost the growth of any business which utilizes it effectively. While it is very clear that the social media is valuable, you need to employ various analytic tools that will help you monitor what your online customers are saying about your brand. Without the social media monitoring tools, it becomes hardly possible to determine whether your business is growing as expected. This article highlights the top 5 tools which are ideal in helping you to monitor your businesses’ Facebook, Twitter and even YouTube activities among other insights.


Google Analytics

Social media experts will always tell you that this platform runs beyond social networks to websites and blogs. It would be wrong for you to dedicate your internet marketing strategy to social networks without integrating it to your websites or blogs. Google analytics is a free tool offered by Google and is mainly used   to provide statistics which is useful to search engine optimization. It monitors the amount of traffic to your websites and the keywords which are associated with it hence helping you to decide how to name your brand’s profile in the social networks. Google analytics also monitors the websites which refer traffic to you, the type of visitors landing on your site and performance of your websites’ pages. Such data enables you to work towards boosting your brand’s ranking in search engines which subsequently boosts growth.
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