How to Better Manage Your Twitter Relationships

December 19, 2012 in All, How to

The same things that make Twitter somewhat inane and half-bake are the same ones that make it so powerful. This is a popular quote which serves to show the ability it has to maintain and destroy online relationships at almost a similar rate.

Social networks, particularly Twitter, provide platforms on which lasting relationships are built. However, with the dynamism that comes with social networking, you need to be fully enlightened on how to better manage Twitter relationships:

Relationship management applications

In a move to help you manage your Twitter relationships better, app developers have taken it by themselves to develop a wide variety of software designed to offer relationship management solutions. When you buy Twitter followers, your account becomes a content hub; it is even harder to go through all tweets sent to you when your account carries thousands of followers.

Among your followers, there are some who require special attention while there are others who are relatively less important. In order to effectively navigate between your most important followers down to the least important, only the use of relationship management applications can work the magic for you. To make the system even better, you can customize it to suit your personal needs. Although it is not appropriate to let applications manage your twitter relationships for you, they still come in handy when needed.

Content management

Taking charge of your Twitter content is one perfect strategy for establishing better relations. Whether you are running a business, corporate, organizational or personal account, it is very essential to mind the type of content posted; be it tweets, retweets, mentions or shared links. To get Twitter followers is never an easy task unless you are well-known among internet users, or a celebrity in the very least; posting insulting or unfriendly content is therefore scaring away your hard-earned followers. Furthermore, the relationships you had established on Twitter can take a nose dive if the other parties you relate with feel that your posted content is not pleasant or welcoming.

Hire a public relations firm

It is not wrong to be too busy in a way that you cannot find time to keep your Twitter followers frequently updated. A recent online report indicate that most Twitter users periodically review the list of people they are following and subsequently unfolllow those they are feel are largely inactive hence have no value. If you are not going to break away from you busy schedule, you risk destabilizing the relationships that you had already built. Failed replies and prolonged responses from your side are bound to raise a sense of insincerity within your online partners.

Under such a situation, the only workable solution is to hire a public relations firm which can take over all the communications made to and from your Twitter handle. This way, your relationships will be well managed.

Create a trustable account

Your Twitter account is simply an online version of yourself. Needless to say, your Twitter account represents your values, beliefs and ambitions. In the recent past, social networks have been blasted for not putting in place tight measures to ensure that people do not create multiple accounts, some of which can be used for fraudulent activities. Strive to create a trustable online brand which can be followed by other Twitters without even a single one of them raising a complaint. Being credible and trustable is a perfect way of managing your online relationships. With trust on your side, here are the benefits that you get;

The length of time concentrated on managing relationships is minimized because your online partners are feeling safe with the kind of trust they have in you.

It becomes not only become easier, but also satisfying to buy Twitter followers when your account is known to be authentic, credible and trustable.

Apparently, Twitter has an account verification department which works to authenticate some of the genuine accounts. Although Twitter administrators have repeatedly said that the number of followers an account has is not the ultimate verification factor, it is still wise to think that they consider the reputation and credibility of a particular account. Creating a trustable account might even see it verified hence improve your relationships!

Still need to know how to better manage your Twitter relationships? All the solutions are outlined above!


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